If you are not using wireframes, you are making your process unnecessarily longer.

Wireframes make your life easier. Maybe you have been using them all this time, but in a different way, or maybe you just called them sketches.

Whatever the case may be, this episode is going to help you to make sure you have a clear understanding of wireframes fundamentals.

UI kits:
Platforma: http://platforma.ws
10k Website students: remember that you have a 30% discount.
Invision Form: https://www.invisionapp.com/inside-design/design-resources/free-wireframe-kit-form/

· Intro 0:19
· Sketches 2:04
· On the computer 2:42
· UI Kits 5:06

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  1. Thanks sir for such valuable information. I am learning web development and this web design series is great source to improve my skills and knowledge. I wish to know a channel like this which can make tutorials in wordpress web development

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