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  1. It's just a motivational video, pretty useless. I need actual tangible things that I should be doing. I don't need someone telling me that I can do it and that's it. Also all your telling me is that you make a lot of money, pretty narcissistic. Everything that he said is what everyone already knows.

  2. This is my first comment on your vids. I also don’t drink alcohol, smoke weed, or like to party. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel with people trying to peer pressure you, especially on the job. If the job posting said I’d have to get drunk and high with coworkers, I would’ve never applied. Stay strong bruh, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that experiences this.

  3. Yeah if you're going for a career you need to learn whatever trendy framework is popular..if you're solo you can build on whatever you want. There's nothing you can build in react or other hypey tech that you can't build in PHP and javascript

  4. Hey Chris Thank For That Info , I’ve Alway fantasizes about web dev and the alike , for me it really didn’t matter .. now tho getting serious about adding value to myself and picked up a few lesson plus the Mimo app. I like it it’s interesting to formulate code and understanding the language ( I Hate Spanish). All in all tho I really don’t have a productive circle or I just wouldn’t really fit in so I’m distant from them and would like to learn “Coding” and network in that realm ! Can Yu Be like my Mentor where yu can send me advice or a weekly video testing me and teaching me Coding and the important gotta learn first stuff ? I’ll appreciate it and no money needed just knowledge. 🚸

  5. last week i spent 3 days crying because I came to the conclusion that I’m not going to get co-op with school (similar to an internship in the USA) and I was debating on dropping out of my web dev program. I really needed to hear step #2. thank you .

    since last week, I have looked on the bright side of not getting co-op, the number one thing being I get to graduate 8 months earlier than my peers that do get co-op. It may be harder for me to find a tech job compared to them but I’ll have that extra time to find a real job, while they’re in their internships (that could become a real job). it’s not all bad and I need to remember that.

    anyways, just wanted to say thank you for tip #2.

  6. So, let me just bounce this off of you…..I'm currently in EMS and have been doing this for the last 10 years. I've set a goal for myself to have the ability to work full time remote and make 6 figures within the next 5-7 years. I decided to start by doing The Odin Project bootcamp and then finding an entry level position in web design while stacking up certs in other areas. I don't know what the end game is, but how do you feel about this path to get my foot in the door?

  7. My boyfriend is a passionate about tech and development. I want to encourage him to start this journey again. We are from Latam, is there any company you guys can recommend us to work remotely as a developer? Truly grateful for your answers.

  8. Good day chis.. I was on the process on becoming a web developer. hehe I'm still learning how to code. I'm just confused of what you said in your video hence your first job as a web developer you've said that you need to learn everything. May i know have you ever learned before the basic coding like HTML, CSS, java script. because I really dont know where to start.. because in my college days that was the programing languages they offer at school.. do i need to continue to learn those 3 coding? thank you in advance

  9. Omg how that drinking situations are relatable ❤️ I gave up going out after college studying web dev for drinks because I wanted to go home and study and nurture the problems rather that going out, forget about it and wake up hungover the next day. I have very quickly became a loner because no one wanted to hang with me and that was painful for me. I didn't share the same passion and determination with others. But my determination pay off. I'm always up do date with all my assessment, good grades and at the end I will probably never see this people again who in fact now saying they will not continue study this course as its too hard for them 👌

  10. Thanks for your content is there any video about your carrier, the development and which path of the roads I've should keep or have to avoid?

    I'm a trained "computer science expert subject area: software development" but I'm struggling to get into companys because of the lack of experience and projects to show off..

  11. This video helped cheer me up a little, and give me hope. I work in support which technially I am Tier 2 but the company is doing so much shady stuff and I want out. I always wanted out and up into web development. I am struggling hard feeling like its never going to happen, I have a degree for it but like you said so much as changed so I am doing refresher courses. I know I am failing at networking, building relationships and my resume. I rather be gaming at home instead of going out places lol, but I will off the soap box. I just wanted to say thank you it really help me get out of a depression I am falling into. I hope I am as fuirtful as you someday.

  12. Just getting started in learning programming. I started with Python and caught on pretty well. But I looked at the job market near me and most are looking for programmers with Javascript knowledge. So I've switched to learn it. I've wanted to be a programmer since I was 13 but always thought you had to go to college. I'm 32 now and the push comes from having a family to provide for. I'm currently an IT Specialist (hardware repair and troubleshooting) but it's not paying enough to support a family.

  13. Thanks Coach, I have watched your videos so much that I hear you telling me to get in there and do it every time I question myself. I watch all the others too. I feel like I know you guys. HTML ,CSS and now ʝǟʋǟֆƈʀɨքȶ. I will get everyone a cup of coffee when I get there. Thanks

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