In part one with Rick Mariano we spoke about helping build LocalEdge to provide high volume digital marketing services at a low cost and then in part two we spoke more about using automation and the human touch. In this final part, we talk about advice for clients to work with agencies and get the most out of the agency.

Rick often thinks a lot about how to help all his clients, the thousands of them, and how they can all perform well online. He explained the more engaged customers often do better than the ones who just throw money at it and are not engaged.

So customers and clients that provide feedback to the agency and the strategist will always have a higher performing campaign. They want customers to send images, videos, and details of what they are doing on the ground so that the agency can share those details. Also, it is important to set expectations with the clients and have them understand patience is required in digital marketing, especially organic marketing.

We then spoke about hiring and retaining employees, especially post-COVID. He said he is now able to hire people anywhere but with that, the salary expectations have increased drastically. At the same time, he cannot increase his client costs tremendously. So you need to be creative with the budgets and figure out how to make it work. Losing employees is super hard for agencies to recover from, so retention is super important for them. Clients want consistency and have their strategist stick around during the campaign.

Then you need to be sure to have a system in place to be ready for employees leaving by having the systems in place to transfer knowledge and new employees ready to come on board.

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