Learn how to create a WordPress online store step by step with no step skipped. Make a beautiful ecommerce website that can take credit card payments.

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You will learn:

1. How to get your own website name.
2. How to build your online store with WordPress.
3. How to make any design you want for your site.
4. How to make it look amazing on any device (phones, tablets).
5. How to add, edit and manage products.
6. How to integrate card payments with Stripe.
7. How to create coupon codes.
8. How to get more sales.
9. How to analyze sales.

โ€ฆand much more!

You can download the files needed for this design here: https://www.tyler.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/make-a-shop.zip

Want to add a blog to your online store? Learn how, here: https://youtu.be/BhltwjuiEk4

Want to learn more tips and tricks for your new WordPress site? Check out: https://youtu.be/VnjeR-bsRM4


00:00:00 Make An Amazing Online Store
00:05:30 Setup Overview
00:07:32 Domain Name & Hosting
00:14:58 Get Big Hosting Discount

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00:15:38 Install WordPress
00:18:37 Login & Dashboard
00:20:20 Delete Plugins
00:21:45 Install Theme
00:23:01 Install Template
00:26:59 Delete Posts & Pages
00:28:29 Change Title & Tagline
00:29:22 Global Design & Colors


00:33:14 How To Design Your Site
00:36:35 Homepage Design
00:49:17 Mobile Friendly Homepage
00:52:49 Add a New Section
00:55:36 Insert Products on Pages
00:58:19 Add a New Page
01:05:04 Change the Menu
01:07:47 Make Logo & Site Icon
01:10:47 Header Design
01:14:55 Mobile Friendly Header
01:17:02 Footer Design
01:20:20 Mobile Friendly Footer
01:22:05 Contact Page Design
01:28:08 Contact Form Settings
01:31:20 Mobile Friendly Contact
01:32:43 About Page Design
01:37:52 Shop Page Setup
01:43:07 Shop Page Design


01:47:05 Add, Edit & Manage Products
01:55:42 Setup Shipping Methods
01:57:52 Setup Card Payments (Stripe)
02:05:52 Manage Orders
02:07:16 Create Coupon Codes
02:08:10 Display a Store Notice
02:09:11 Store / Marketing Reports
02:11:50 Final Design

If you have any question or get stuck anywhere at all, just ask in a new comment below. No question is a bad question, and we answer each and every one!

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Hope this helps you create an online store you’ll be super proud of!



  1. I watched a different video of yours to make my website, and then I figured out how to add the shop page and products. Now that I found this video to do the online store, I'm wondering how to get the cart icon in the top right, without uninstalling my current starter template and changing it to the one in this video. Is there a simpler way to get the cart icon in the top right with code or a setting option I haven't seen yet?

  2. Thanks a lot Tyler for such an amazing video! I learned a lot from you. This is my 3rd website that Iโ€™m building for myself and the first e-commerce platform. Thanks to all your dedicated videos to help novice like me. ๐Ÿ˜‡

  3. Pls Mr Tyler have been watching your videos for some times now, but am having little challenge…Am working on localhost but after installing complete website from elemsntor it's only showing on the elemsntor it's not showing on the front page…pls help me out

  4. okay, so I used your other video to build my website. Thank you! I am completely lack any computer skills, and I followed you step by step and now I have a functional website! I can't seem to optimize it for mobile, but I hope I can get help with that. Now I need to add e-commerce to some of my pages. I'm confused already. This video seems to be starting with building the website from scratch again. I used the template you used in the last video, Astra. Am I now changing templates? Please advise and thank you!

  5. HI Tyler i am building a website currently but the shipping is causing me issues. How can I make my shipping calculated when customer is paying for the product. Beacuse my brand is going to be worldwide and i cant just type in that my shipping is 5 or 10 dollars. I want it to be calculated when my customer chooses where does it want to be shipped beacuse shipping is different for every country. Its not going to be same to ship to us or somewhere in europe or somewhere in asia. Hope you understand my question and can answer me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tyler this is really great you are all time a website guru the perfect website teacher with NO STEPS SKIPPED…Ill start build my website soon and share on this same comment. Thankyou soo much. Subcrbd…

  7. Hi Tyler, I did place a comment yesterday, but is seems to have gone. at 1:38:57 on permalinks, were supposed to change the SHOP, CART and CHECKOUT but when I go to change them, there's no box to do this, it's just showing the link. After the .com mines showing /?post_type=product for the shop, /?page_id=6 for the basket, and /?page_id=1302 for the Checkout. Can you tell me how to fix this please. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks, Terry.

  8. Liked and subscribed after following your amazing tutorial to build up my website. Thanks so much for the work you have put on this. I can begin to imagine it! You deserve more followers!

  9. Hi Tyler- Many thanks for this video id love it and it help out a lot. Im on my way customizing my own now:) One question if you want o ad a membership log in for video content – Do you have a tutorial on that ? I really dont want to mess things up – by searching for it on other channels now that im all in with you.

  10. This has been enormously helpful. Thank you for all the great step by step guidance. It's exactly what I needed to get moving forward when I felt totally stuck and dissatasfied with the results I was getting from my first attempt at building an e-comerce website.

  11. hi Tyler,please howndoi resize the images for my store i have resize some but some are taller how do i make all the images the same sizes? thank you

  12. Hi Tyler, thank you so much for this tutorial. I only have problem, WP Forms it doesn't send test email to my inbox. Also, I did try to test check out, it went well but also, I didn't received an email that someone bought my item. Please help. Thank you.

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