In this video, I will be showing you a legit step-by-step tutorial on how I would become a web developer in 6 months. This is an extremely in-depth and comprehensive guide that will take you from absolute beginner to competent web developer.

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  1. Can anyone kindly give me constructive criticism? I don't enjoy seeing web pages , But I Imagine building android application and it gets me excited. Now… Most youtube content says, start with html, css and java script before jumping to mobile programming app… how to have the mindset or end in mind to start something to have foundation and continue working on the end goal. Thank you in advance…. im lost btw…

  2. thank you so much for your video. you're helping me to structure the 6 months when it comes to becoming a web developer in 6 months, as well as guiding me that what content that I should fill in during the 6 months. A well thoughtful and helpful video!

  3. Out of all the coding and programming videos, you stand out the most and it is YOUR VIBES BRO. Thank you bro, i joint down some notes and sign up for the course you mention. I also recommend Skillshare aswell, they got some intresting videos aswell like this and a free 1 month trial to try it out. Thanks again bro, i will keep you in the loop if i finally make it. Thank you thank you thank you… i love you. Lol ❤🎉😢😅😊

  4. Hello ! I’m 28 years old and was/ am really nervous in a career change . I’m currently a truck driver but always had a love for tech. I’ve always thought I didn’t have what it takes to learn coding or that I’m to old to go to school or to learn new things but your honesty about having a learning disability is truly inspirational . I’ve felt like I learn somethings quickly and some things slowly. So thank you for all the info. It is much appreciated.

  5. After 15 years of gamedev I decided to start my journey to becoming a webdev. Have some savings so I'm treating it as a full-time occupation: 8h/week day.

    Certainly that having coded in C# and a few in-engine dynamic languages helps but at times I feel totally overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new things to learn.

    I'm sort of obsessed with it and as I finish another week of work, I say I can't wait for the next Monday. Well, I hope I can come back to this comment at the end of the 6m period knowing that I'm ready for job interviews.

    Well, we'll see!

  6. Very inspiring. I am 53 years old and was feeling nervous as heck for when i start this bootcamp course I signed up for next month. I am coming from a completely different profession. I am a fashion designer and have always had an interest with web development. The way you described yourself 9:36 is what i was feeling really nervous about i have the same issue when learning something new. So thank you Chris.

  7. On my 4th year on engineering but when I discovered the tech industry, I dove onto webdev and loved the journey. Now I'm on the first month of trying to learn coding while finishing the last of my subjects in engineering. I'll come back here when I got a web dev job already. Looking forward to it!

  8. hi, i was wondering do you need to have a creativity mind in order to be a front end dev as you see websites looking all stylish and nicely coloured/themed? front end coding seems to be easier than the backend coding but the only thing putting me off is the designing, as i have completely zero level of creativity ideas when it comes to styling, so my question is, is it up to the front end coders to make it look nice, if it is then i would rather stick to learning the backend of things even if it is slightly harder.

  9. What's up Chris my name is Kamron it's nice to meet you I want a job to become a Web Developer how do I get started I have a Disability & with Autism I need to start somewhere from scratch I'm Unemployed at the moment can you help me out so I can get started thanks.

  10. I'm really fond of computers and had a little 3 sessions perhaps of weekly programming lessons about TurboC and DBase, that was 1995-ish. Now I wanna learn all this, for my self-fullfillment and to earn as well. I'm broke and baby #2 is on the way, I'm underpaid on my dayjob, bills are building up, I literary have ni capacity to do it financially. If someone here can help me to get into that tutorials, I will surely pay you when I get there, when I'll be a developer. My family and I will forever be in debt with you, whoever good soul you are. God bless us.

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