Let me give you 5 ideas you can turn into a Micro SaaS – and show you how you can quickly spin up +20 new ones!

Start now, and you can replace your full-time job within a year.
(For real! I’ve seen people do this over and over).

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  1. I hope you enjoyed watching, and I hope these 5 ideas spark a bit of new motivation and creativity!
    Now go build something awesome 🔥

    Next up ➝ How To Find BRILLIANT SaaS Ideas
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  2. My growth of 401k is 2.74% in the past year. In this environment does investing under a brokerage with a custodian outperform a 401k? should I seek a pro to grow my funds on brokerage acct or still hold? I have 5 years to retirement. Happy to discuss.

  3. Amazing content as always Simon. I am new to this market and absolutely love the high quality content you produce. To that effect, I am actually looking to build a cms with revamped ui/ux on top of netlify cms. Is there still a gap in this market?

  4. New subscriber! Love the content, I live in Sweden and I'm an accountant consultant. I would love to start a SaaS so I can streamline my job and make money from it! I use Fortnox in Sweden which is already really straight forward and easy to use.. What was the biggest issue with Visma when you worked with it? (I've used it to). Keep up the good work!😀

  5. Your content is great, Simon!
    The ideas discussed in this video are great and the video editing is awesome!
    Also, the positive energy you have is awesome 😀

    I have a question.
    Do you still want one of the ideas "Hosted learning management system with API & JS library" or have you found an alternative?


  6. I made an affiliate marketing wordpress plugin called Affio AI. Just put in a keyword and it will write full length review articles in minutes that includes links, images, and content. I would love to get you access to the plugin so you can do some exclusive beta testing. I was able to write 200 affiliate articles in a day with this and they are starting to drive traffic 😅. It would be so cool to have you do a test to see what happens when you use this method on an established site…

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