Today the team at Webflow released their Webflow Pages WordPress plugin, which connects the two platforms together in a nice simple to use API integration.

Pages can be designed and edited in Webflow and you can match up the corresponding page(s) within WordPress. I wanted to get a quick preview of how this works and riff on some ways this might be useful to you.

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  1. If I only plan on using one page from webflow, do I need to build the wordpress nav bar in to the page? Or can I use the existing wordpress nav bar and then the webflow page below like an iframe?

  2. As a Webflow user/subscriber, I LOVE the power of the Webflow interface for rapid creative development, but it's always been painful to translate the output to WordPress themes. This new plugin got me really excited– until I tried it. Basically, it's a way of building redirects through an API, so now you have TWO points of failure (the site hosting wordpress and webflow itself). Also, Made in Webflow badging is installed even though I have a Pro subscription. FInally, while you can add new pages via the WordPress interface, they will not match your Webflow pages because they'll be styled by whatever theme is active in WordPress– and the menu will not match, etc. The adapter still comes closer to the ideal solution for me.

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