Watch & Enjoy Maisamma IPS Telugu Full Movie (720p) Starring Mumaith Khan, Prabhakar, Sayaji Shinde, Pradeep Rawat, LB Sriram, Director Bharath Parepalli, Music Composed by MM Srilekha.

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A girl child is born to a helpless mother when the jatara (a public religious festival) of Goddess Maisamma is going on in a Telengana village. The child is named as Maisamma. Her parents are killed in a natural calamity. The child is taken care of by her sister Durga. A small time rowdy Sadhu (Sayaji Shinde) marries Durga and forces her to do prostitution for his political ambitions. At one stage, the rowdy tries to rape minor girl Maisamma. While both sister run for their life, Sadhu prompts his dogs to kill his wife Durga, while Maisamma escapes. She later becomes a police officer Maissamma IPS (Mumaith Khan). She lives for one goal — to kill those who is responsible for her sister’s miserable life followed by her death.



  1. Cringest movie I ever seen… I love mumaith khan for her earing in her tongue and her dusky sexy look… And to every actresses pls don't heroinism😝because mass entry scene and right scene only suitable for heroes… So don't try… Even if you try mass entry and fight scene, we will how the actress boobs are shaking🤣

  2. climax chala worest nd toomuch.misamma ni pathi pettina kuda bratiki ravadam director ki thought yela vachhindo maro balakrishna vijayendra varma nd ram charans vinya vidheya movie la vundi

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