The assassination of President John F. Kennedy remains the greatest American murder mystery, decades after the official report declared Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman responsible for JFK’s death.

But a new book from world-renowned JFK assassination researcher Josiah “Tink” Thompson comes to a shocking different conclusion: Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire the fatal shot that killed President Kennedy.

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  1. We know all those involved including the secret satanic death cult. How dare JFK push for nuclear weapons inspection. The term Conspiracy Theorist was used by the New York Times in the 1930’s, connecting them to the CIA which used it to cover up who was involved with the murder of JFK. We have it all.

  2. This all happened in the 1960`s when I was a young child,NOW it`s 2022 and our government has changed very little,still corrupt with lies and cover up`s when will it ever change for the good.

  3. It make no sense that secret service groups did not take any action up until the final gun shot at JFK

    Secret service groups should have been takem action immediately right after the first gun shot sound

  4. If you can get the original Zapruder Film you will see who actually did the assignation, you will see it in color, the driver William Greer did the coup de grace shot point blank as he slows the car , he turns and over his right shoulder you’ll see a silver barrel and the President’s head blow up. The film was suppressed because if you see the original film it is obvious as the nose on your face.

  5. Visited Dealy Plaza for the first time 10 days ago. I was amazed how small the area is – a virtual shooting gallery. In my opinion there was a second gunman, but still not convinced it was a conspiracy. JFK had made so many enemies it's quite possible neither party knew the other. However, if one studied the motorcade route and looked at Dealy Plaza, both parties would come to the conclusion that area was the best kill zone available. And the gunman on the knoll would have a hard time missing – it's that close.

  6. TROLLING: I typed in "Liberian Warlord Cannibal," and this video was on the sidebar with others somehow connected. How is this connected? Do you know? I don't want them to troll me, and now on the sidebar is The Dark Reality of Marrying a Prince with Princess Diana. The most popular picture of the three brothers is in a book but it is worse where Edward wonders how JRK and RFK were voted to take such a risk, because they are only Irish guys who figured it out (and all I needed was someone to show it to.) It's been found that people who don't learn from historical information will participate in doing it. They call Jacqueline Jack-leen, which is correct, and it validates how the "stupid people are ruining my life."
    I have to do my father's case justice, and we believe LHO and he were both framed. Jacqueline was told what could happen, so she tried to save his parts, and they showed a body double picture to my father, and he was exasperated and said in court, "I couldn't see from the picture." They meant if there was an exit wound, which there was, meaning the bullet went around the side of Kennedy's head.

  7. I think the Bible can be written as a story because of old age and with political exploitation of religion to be woven into the American law book of personal immunity and functional immunity (lawlessness). The word immunity comes from a religious revelation from the middle ages, most likely from a pope to become lawless. This may be the reason with a class society for a political right-wing purpose and religious indoctrination on children, to win the elections later in life behind the backs of the voting people. I also believe that the statue of liberty with a torch and book in hand can be about a deception away from Judaism and the Pope to achieve patriotism, and bring young people to war as soldiers for a right-wing purpose. Furthermore, I believe that the Bible is not a voluntary choice with mandatory animal slaughters as a tradition and which has now led to forest death (force majeure) globally with greenhouse gases and with an irreparably melted Antarctica. The distance between the Sun and planet Earth (the thermostat) is forever destroyed by the political exploitation of the ecosystem.

  8. The Secret Service were drunken bums, who didn't care about JFK.
    The night before the assassination they got pissed drunk. Many of them lost their badges in an illegal drinking den, drinking a type of Poteen, a hard liquor.

  9. Jim Douglas, JFK and the UNSPEAKABLE.
    His killers said he was a TRAITOR!
    He wanted World Peace, while THEY wanted World War.
    The Industrial Military Complex, the CIA, the FBI, Navy Intelligence.
    Do your research on who PAID the ones who fired the shots!
    See the Secret Handshakes of Freemasonry everywhere, that has blinded people from seeing the Truth!
    Abraham Zapruder had open ties to the CIA. Zapruder was an active member of two CIA proprietary organizations, The Dallas Council On World Affairs, and The Crusade For A Free Europe.
    Zapruder was 33 Degree Shriner Freemason.
    J. Edgar Hoover was a 33 degree Shriner Freemason.
    Earl Warren was a 33 Degree Shriner Freemason.
    Catholic author Paul Fisher wrote the excellent book BEHIND THE LODGE DOOR, documenting freemasonic involvement in American politics. In the chapter Masonry and the Media, Fisher outlines how the Wall Street Journal defended masonry in an 1987 editorial, and mentioned Specter as an acknowledged member.

  10. James Files, inmate @ Illinois’ Joliet Correctional Center gave interview where he has specific accounts of himself as shooter @ Grassy Knoll- without seeking fame. Names Remington Fireball as weapon used (he was given it during weapon’s test phase by CIA handler before company makes it commercially available). Bullet he used had tip cut to allow mercury drops & sealed with wax….hence massive explosion on impact- if exhumed, traces of mercury will be found @ JFK’s head & mentions another criminal as shooter of Officer Tippit (this criminal was sent to kill Oswald at his apt) Oswald was not @ either spots

    WINS ILLINOIS via the mob.
    Repayment?! GOING AFTER THE MOB.

  12. I have seen a number of these documentaries on the president's assassination. However, none of them ever mention why it is the presidential car drove so slowly on Elm Street. In fact before the final shot the vehicle had almost stopped. Why would the driver do that, and not be speeding away from danger at that point ?

  13. In attempting to understand the JFK assassination, it is important to recognize that the US Govt's efforts to suppress information suggestive of a conspiracy does not mean that there was one. It only means they were concerned that certain information might make it look like there was a conspiracy. I think the Govt was also keen to cover-up the CIA's tracking of Oswald – not because the CIA conspired with Oswald, but because it would have been embarrassing that they failed to predict or prevent the assassination. The CIA also did not want to draw attention to their surveillance operations against the Soviet and Cuban embassies in Mexico.

  14. There are two very important factors that EVERYONE have not noticed until now. One Dealey plaza was the only part of the motorcade that was virtually cleared of onlookers when the shooting started. TWO there were two types of ammunition used both dum dum and steel jacketed. Most assassins don't change ammunition types in the middle of shooting at their targets.

  15. The dog that didn't bark – the workers went back into the TSBD as if nobody had seen Oswald shoot. Others wandered down the street towards the overpass, where they thought the action was.

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