Learn How To Make A Website Using HTML And CSS, HTML Website Design Tutorial Step By Step. Website Design Home Page
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In this video tutorial you will learn how to create a website design using HTML & CSS. #WebsiteDesign #HTML #CSS

Download images and icons used in website design

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  1. Sir your vedios are osm, no doubt ….but always you do one thing that is very very irritating you can ask any subscriber…..that you always make webpage like saying just align left, transform, abouslute…but inka matlab samj hi nhi atta ….what the each line means o to batavo sir ji…tabhi we can create out r webpage…….we can't copy always you n

  2. Sir , In Barber Studio website, before the testimonial section my css file worked but after it, stopped working.
    Even tried your another website, but this time css not working,
    Please help me to fix it!!!
    On an urgent basis.

  3. Bahut shi video banate ho sir aap.❤️❤️Thankyou so much for all ur videos and for making us understandable.Ur videos always helps me to get to know every points and steps clear. Great way of Explaining.🙏🙏👩‍💻💻✨

  4. ul li a::after{

    content: '';
    width: 100%;

    height: 10px;

    background-color: rgba(165, 230, 13, 0.89);


    left: 50%;

    transform: translateX(-50%);


    From this code please anyone explain under this two lines of code

    left: 50%;

    transform: translateX(-50%);

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