Renault are considering selling their F1 team after an embarrassing start to 2024 for Alpine. Returning to focus completely on engine manufacturing for customer teams is an option, with the Andretti entry potentially set to take over the operation as soon as 2024, before Cadillac engines are planned to arrive in 2028. Mercedes compare the W15 to its own W14.

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00:00 Alright guys
00:30 Verstappen
04:00 W14 vs W15
08:00 Alpine
14:00 Andretti
18:30 Track Limits

f1, Alpine SELLING F1 Team to Andretti LEAKED? 💥


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  1. What a shitshow the French have made of that team. And they deserve everything, they deserve to be named and shamed whoever kicked otmar out! In the past century they have been the shittiest team on the grid, keeping in mind the amount of money and backing they have. They destroyed Renault to make a shit Alpine team. I wouldn't pay a nickel for that team in that format with those team members. The good ones are gone anyway. I hope Ocon never gets a point again.

  2. Always on point.. Dedicated Daily News and constantly giving interesting takes to consider, easily drawing debate around carefully extracted talking points.. Top content 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥 Yours, A very impressed subscriber

  3. Looking forward to Andretti putting Toto in his place. And all those commentators opinions. Nice. And yeah, Max go, we will again see competition and a battle for the podium. Bring Bearman to RBR, Jos will eat his words when Norris, Russell, Albon, Checo, Bearman take the honours, I’m sure Andretti team will be up there, they not guys that like to loose.

  4. I'd like to see Alpine sold to someone other than Andretti. Partially because I want Jack Doohan to be in F1 and I'm not sure Andretti would want him but mostly because I want to see Andretti come in as a new team.

  5. Alpine,Renault desperately wanted to go back to the Alons era but they failed so bad. Even their engines are bad, its time for them to make room for other team and engine and drive line up change every two years isnt helping them

  6. I fully agree that Australia should be the first race of the year. I hate the fact that these middle eastern facilities throw a wheelbarrow full of money at F1 and get their way. Sometimes tradition should overcome greed. Btw great content as always. You wouldn't believe the number of F1 pages I block because their content is garbage. Keep up the great job.

  7. That would be awesome if you can get it to Formula One and have an American team haas is not an American team. They are Ferrari and will never win a race with Ferrari motor in it

  8. Andretti will 100% do a better job than Alpine are doing currently. Who cares or wants, a pounce movie star, a Golfer (the best) credit when due. And Anthony Joshua and his unified triple crown, converged into 1 World Title Series with the 3 belts😢 10:04 😊

  9. Renault needs to sell, they have been trying for years and they are getting from bad to worse. Renault is a huge company, this is an embarrassment. You already know where things were heading when they sold off 24% stakes to Ryan Reynolds & Co. I have never heard of a manufacturer selling off shares. Looks like Renault have been looking for a way out for quite sometime, just do it! F1 is a highly competitive sport, it is already difficult enough as it is let alone when you are only in it half-heartedly.

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