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These are one of Australia’s most popular vehicle types because the once humble workhorse has become a desirable icon of its own. We put four of the best options under the microscope to see which is best.

00:00 Introduction
01:02 Mazda BT-50
02:16 Toyota Hilux
03:49 Isuzu D-Max
04:40 Ford Ranger
06:09 Performance Times
06:42 Winner is
07:19 Judges comments
07:45 Interior
08:22 2nd Row
08:35 Tray
09:04 Driving

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  1. Toyota should not even get a look in, toyota do nothing to develop any vehicle segment, no development in safety technology or vehicle standards. Pay large amounts to media organisations to keep a really unsafe dated vehicle in front of mind of the fools thinking that itโ€™s reliable, if you canโ€™t even upgrade the airbox to a cartridge type and stop dust getting in should tell the fools yet it doesnโ€™t.
    The Dmax and Bt50 have the best structural design of them all with the introduction of Boron alloy in the roof structure a 107 percent increase in the strength over the last design, toyota in a roll over is appalling the roof comes down onto the seats.

  2. The hiliux drives like a truck its rugged does what it says ! People complainig for it getting old and not for having a cinema screen built in to the infotainment system !! People who buy the hilux buys it for its capabilities ! Thats why despite for its age people still buy them!

  3. If the biggest differentiator for Ford is on-road dynamics, then what about
    – Braking performance: lowest among the group
    – Body Roll/Slalom/Lane change manuever: probably tie (quantitave numbers not provided)

    Also ford comes with an electrical park brake, what if on a steep incline, electrical system malfunctioned. Ditto for the instrument display, a single electrical/display failure can deprive driver of all information (i understand that even modern analogue instrumentation is also electrical in the back end, still it has less point of failures).
    That said, ford ranger is still an impressive vehicle.

  4. Over seeing hilux in these tests. They have not changed in years. Yes ford have issues but have moved with the times and are giving it a good crack. How long will toyota cling on to that boring ute

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